Collaboration Platform

Connects Companies, Academics, Mentors, Students and allows various projects to be utilised in innovations and ensure future skills for learners

Company and Academic Institute

Solution Framework

Collaboration Tools

Project Tools

Multidisciplinary team coming in one space

Project Tools

Use various project tools that boosts team alignment, efficiency and productivity by customising the work.Discover efficiency and collaboration like never before with our project management tools.

Project Repo

Save your files and share it to your team members

Project Repo

Space for your project repository and share it with your teams


Create your own notes and share it to the team as well


Create your own personal notes as well as share the important notes to the team

Conference Call

In built conference call for team meeting and virtual workshops

Conference Call

Use our in built Conference Call for virtual meetings that is also synced in calendar


Syncing all the projects and personal events


All the events are synced in Calendar where you can personally plan your days


Discuss various topics within the system


Use our Forum Space to discuss on various topics with a team

Project Engagement

Applying theoretical knowledge in real-world projects cultivates valuable skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Skill Integration & Assessment

Seamlessly integrating skills through its in-built skill framework and libraries, providing assessment tools that not only validate proficiency but also offer constructive feedback

Career Pathways & Recommendations

Crafting personalized career pathways entails applying theoretical knowledge in practical projects, refining essential skills, and utilizing assessment tools within the platform’s integrated skill framework to validate competencies and provide constructive feedback.

Career Recommendation

Based on profile

We provide career recommendation based on development of profile.
Course Recommendation

Based on career

We recommend the skill gaps and assign courses to mitigate the gap
Project Recommendation

based on interest

To enhance the skills we provide different project recommendations

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