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Academic syllabus

All the academic contents are synced in the portal. It has tools and features that connects students with academic contents.

  • Setup course
  • Tracking progress
  • Assignment access
  • Virtual learnings & meetings
  • Upload & download files

Industrial projects

We provide students with real life industrial projects that connects with the syllabus. This supports students with the methodological approach of the study developing entrepreneurial mindset, leadership, project management, critical thinking and so on. There are paid research and projects for students as well as possible internships.  

  • Startup research
  • Internships
  • Projects
  • Portfolio development
  • Cogknit assignments

Entrance & exam preparation

The platform contains the database of entrance preparation questionnaire with solutions and explanations.

  • Quiz
  • Logical questionnaire
  • Entrance preparation
  • Exam preparation

Digital tools

COGKNIT contains user friendly tools to communicate between the teachers and students. Students can plan their personal and academic development in the platform. COGKNIT contains the tool for special group of students with feature of hearing and speaking in the platform.

  • Discuss forum
  • Video calls
  • Calendar
  • Messaging
  • Peer workshops

Skill developments

COGKNIT connects student’s  curriculum plan with real life solution development approach that supports building skills for life. 

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Project management
  • Communication development

Career roadmap

We develop and recommend the tailored made career roadmap for the students with best option possible. We support the students to build their career roadmap and matchmake with the experts and mentors.

  • Overview of career
  • Customised career roadmap
  • Career mapping
  • Expert mentorship

Virtual workshops

COGKNIT builds virtual simulation for students as well as vocational study group in order to utilise the unlimited resource of digitisation. 

  • Interactive & immersive 3D assets
  • Real life integrated simulations
  • National & international expert networks

Gamified contents

COGKNIT has developed a roadmap to build a gamified syllabus with storytelling and adventure where the content is directly related to the game. User can track their progress in terms of rewards as Cogknit points. It can be used to purchase or withdraw as cash. The game  consists of real world challenges that bring solutions. This is level 2.o development and will be launched in the given coutdown.

  • Character development
  • Adventure
  • Riddle solution
  • Development report
  • Skill tracking